We Got Married : Adam Couple ( Jo Kwon 2AM and Gain BEG) Full Episodes English Sub

We posted a brief introduction of the Adam Couple in this blogpost previously. In the MBC Entertainment Awards, they won the best couple award and Rookie Variety awards for their participation in the We Got Married Variety Show. In our personal opinion, they really are the best among the best. Our girls are already a fan of Brown Eyed Girls ( Bu-Ah-Girl) since the legendary Abracadabra song and with Gain in wgm, they are now totally become crazily obsess for BEG!! So, having Adam Couple link in this blog is certainly nothing but a MUST. We put on a bit synopsis, because we love them too much!

Below is the full list of the Adam Couple English Subbed Episodes :

Adam Couple Episode 1
*Jo Kwon and Gain first meet. Funny episodes when Jo Kwon disguised in a Mongoose costume and wait for Gain for over 2 hours. They happily set off to move to their new house only to find its turn out to be a container box. lolololol

Adam Couple Episode 2
*Having their sweet time and meals in their honeymoon container house. Also celebrating Gain birthday sweetly despite the condition.

Adam Couple Episode 3
*Gain visit to 2am Dorm. She was forced to listen to Jo Kwon life principles. lolz

Adam Couple Episode 4
*Still in 2am dorm. Gain is making brunch for the boys.

Adam Couple Episode 5
*Special episode with the other couples. In this episode, Jo Kwon and Gain tested the lie detector and decorate their lovely container.

Adam Couple Episode 6
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
*Special episode with other WGM couples continue. The couples change role, the husbands making kimchi and the wives went to strict training camp.

Adam Couple Episode 7
*Part one continue role changing. Part 2 daebak.. the honeymoon ^^

Adam Couple Episode 8
*Disasterous honeymoon continue, they went to sauna together digging each other secret. Still this are very funny to watch. All couples in wgm went for sport event.

Adam Couple Episode 9
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
*Continue sport event. Jo Kwon Gain then go to their house which is in the middle of a ski resort. Feel like laughing till rolling on the floor watching them learning snowboard.

Adam Couple Episode 10
*After great time in the ski resort, they finally move into a real "house". Omo the scene on the ski resort will make you smile ear to ear!

Adam Couple Episode 11
*Jo Kwon and Gain record their couple song "We fell in love"

Adam Couple Episode 12
*Jo Kwon and Gain debut their new song on ShimShimTapa radio show. They then celebrate their first Christmas together. Wow.. its only been 12 episodes, but we are so in love.

Adam Couple Episode 13
*Its new year.. and Jo Kwon Gain in traditional wedding costume.

Adam Couple Episode 14
*Jo Kwon Gain went for shopping. Ouh bed scene~~~

Adam Couple Episode 15
*Jo Kwon Gain perform their duet song in Music core. Hyuna visit cause Gain to be suspicious.

Adam Couple Episode 16
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
*This is a must must must watch episode! So sweet of Jo Kwon proposal event^^

Adam Couple Episode 17
*Jo Kwon and the team play a hidden camera prank on Gain. Ahh.. first kiss.. almost~

Adam Couple Episode 18
*Despite limited knowledge on English, the couple have a great day out with an Afghan Student.

Adam Couple Episode 19
* English day continue.

Adam Couple Episode 20
* Yeay.. housewarming!!! Love this part very very much. Narsha unnie saranghae! Such a lovely family^^

Adam Couple Episode 21
*Housewarming continue. Find out the winner or the cooking competition.

Adam Couple Episode 22
*Housewarming aka Adam family out day. The Adam family went out for bowling. Then back home the couple continue making a ring for each other.

Adam Couple Episode 23
*Sweet Jo Kwon taking care of a hurt Gain. Precious moment.

Adam Couple Episode 24
*Nickhun visit the couple to teach them English.

Adam Couple Episode 25
*Jo Kwon and Gain arrive in Hong Kong and attend the rehearsal for the parade. Jo Kwon gave Gain a piggy back.

Adam Couple Episode 26
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
*Jo Kwon and Ga-in Special Edition. Watching the broadcast scene together, mc'ed by B.E.G leader, Jea Unnie ^^

Adam Couple Episode 27
*Jo Kwon and Gain successfully participate in the parade as well as the interview meeting with foreign reporters. Later that night, Ga-In gives Jo Kwon a Valentine's Day chocolate kiss on the cheek.

Adam Couple Episode 28
*Jo Kwon and Gain become tourist for a day wandering around Hong Kong.

Adam Couple Episode 29
*Ga-in held a back hug event for Jo Kwon. Jo Kwon and Ga-in go on a date at the arcade and watch Hachiko: A Dog's Story together where Jo Kwon plans to give Ga-in the long waited couple ring..finally~

Adam Couple Episode 30
*Jo Kwon takes Ga-in to go bungee jumping together as a remembrance of the couple ring day.

Adam Couple Episode 31
*Jo Kwon and Ga-in briefly move into 2AM's dorm due to the expiry of their lease before they are given another mission card to their new house.

Adam Couple Episode 32
*Adam couple move to a better house. Jo Kwon performs a special song he composed for Ga-in in their new house after shopping.

Adam Couple Episode 33
*Jo Kwon makes a love confession through Park Myungsoo's radio show to Ga-in on their 200th day anniversary.

Adam Couple Episode 34
*Jo Kwon and Ga-in do a hand-holding mission while guesting on "Come To Play". 
Note 1 :  Here is the Come to play episode. Great question, really a must to watch!
Note 2 : Here is the footage of Gain fall down due to happiness by Jo Kwon event. Start at 0.35. Haha^^

Adam Couple Episode 35
Jo Kwon and Ga-in go to a health club to prepare for their wedding photoshoot. Wooo Sexy shirt~

Adam Couple Episode 36
*Jo Kwon watches as Gain tries on wedding dresses; and Gain ask him to give her a proper proposal.

Adam Couple Episode 37
*Gain and Jo Kwon design their wedding dress and arrive in Bali for the wedding photo-shoot.

Adam Couple Episode 38

*Gain and Jo Kwon start their photoshoot in Bali.

Adam Couple Episode 39
*Gain and Jo Kwon have another photoshoot in Bali and Gain finally reveals her makeup-free face to Jo Kwon.

Adam Couple Episode 40
* Gain and Jo Kwon have their last photo-shoot in Bali and have their first kiss there. Omo.. love love love this~

Adam Couple Episode 41
*Jo Kwon and Gain spending time together sweetly by the beach before going back home. Skinship become very natural after the first kiss.

Adam Couple Episode 42
*After returning back from Bali, the Adam couple hanging out with the KhunToria couple.

Adam Couple Episode 43
*Gain cook for Jo Kwon while Jo Kwon clean the house. Happy time reviewing their magazine interview. 

Adam Couple Episode 44
*Gain helps Jo Kwon prepare for his first solo performance and surprises him by being part of his dance crew without him knowing

Adam Couple Episode 45
*Jo Kwon performed his first solo performance live and realized that Gain was part of the dance crew after the performance ended. 

Adam Couple Episode 46
* Nichkhun, Victoria, GaIn, Jo Kwon, Yonghwa and Seohyun all make a trip to an abandoned school for a Chuseok special, where they must battle it out in a couple competition. A Special MC for this episode, Lee Jungshin, the bassist of CN Blue, assists them together to the school.

Adam Couple Episode 47
*Jo Kwon and Gain go to a buffet, and try to pick what each other wants to eat. Then went to record a remake version of "We Fell in Love".

Adam Couple Episode 48
*Gain decides to celebrate Jo Kwon's birthday in her special and cute way and distracts him with kimbap.

Adam Couple Episode 49
*Jo Kwon and Gain on their one-year anniversary trip in Jeju Island. They go on separate routes (boat and direct flight) and are accompanied by Jea and Seulong respectively. 

Adam Couple Episode 50
*Jo Kwon goes to Jeju Island by plane with Jea and Gain goes to Jeju Island by ship with Seulong. Jo Kwon and Jea make a biscuit house as an anniversary gift for Gain. 

Adam Couple Episode 51
*Jo Kwon, Gain, Jea and Seulong have buffet dinner at Jeju Island. After dinner, Jo Kwon and Gain go for a duck-boat ride while Jea and Seulong prepares a surprise event for Gain in their hotel room.

Adam Couple Episode 52
* Jo Kwon surprises Gain with the biscuit house and a letter for their one-year anniversary. They make their way to Seongsan Sunrise Peak to watch the sunrise. 

Adam Couple Episode 53
*Jo Kwon and Gain fail to reach the Peak before the sun rises. Next, they decide to go fishing and Gain read her one-year anniversary letter to Jo Kwon. Back in their apartment, Jo Kwon gives Gain her designer pouch, due to her winning on music chart, and bracelet for a one-year anniversary gift. 

Adam Couple Episode 54 
* Jo Kwon and Gain are visited by BEAST member, Doojoon.

Adam Couple Episode 55
*Gain and Jokwon received a mission to visit a nursery. They are supposed to interact with the five-year-old kids, which they found trouble in as none of them recognizes them.

Adam Couple Episode 56
* Gain and Jokwon spent time helping out in the nursery, teaching them and feeding them, having troubles when the kid throw tantrums.

Adam Couple Episode 57
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
*Jokwon invites Gain out on a date to a coffee design shop in order to surprise her with an event similar to Nichkhuns', however, things don't go as planned and they end up at an outdoor skating rink instead where Jokwon gets much more then he ever hoped for; tears and a surprise real kiss. Omonaaa~

Adam Couple Episode 58
*"Just dare to cheat on me, I will kill you!!" and Adam Couple live happily ever after.

It took us 3 days to complete the list with synopsis because eventually we end up re-watching their moments again. A funny couple with a great chemistry, making people wonder what is going on in their relationship by now. Adam is forever~

Source : Dailymotion
Credit to : Ithetimes, Snjeung


  1. Thank you for compiling this! Adam couple is the best! Sunhee is next to the throne! :D Sadly, SunHee couple had to leave earlier. That just made me sad. Hope you can give links for download (if possible). Appreciate it! -Singapore Fan :D

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  5. thank you so much for uploading this...

  6. the military episode, isn't the guy too harsh on Gain? poor Gain, she is also pretty! I don't like the other girl who is oldest. Act cute!

  7. Adam couple remains in History.

  8. Adam couple remains in History.

  9. hey, do you know the name of the song that nichkhun play in ep 24?

  10. I cant see any of the episodes please help?

  11. watching for the 5th time. They're cute. They complete each other. Ga-In!! <3<3

  12. We put on a bit synopsis, because we love them too much! Got Episodes


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